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The Code Of Professional Procedure: The Role Of Police Research Informatics

August 31st, 2013
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1. a Role of Police Investigation (Art. 67u). National Police in its investigation function should, including its own initiative, take cognizance of crimes and to report immediately to the Prosecutor, without prejudice to carry out urgent and necessary measures to prevent its consequences, identify the perpetrators and participants, collect and secure evidence which may serve for the implementation of the Professional Law. Develop similar function where offenses require a private or private practice subject to prosecution. The Police performing investigative functions are required to support the Public Prosecutor to conduct the preliminary investigation. a 2. a Police Powers (Art.

68u). a T National Police in its investigation, without prejudice to the provisions of the NCPP 67u previous article and the rules research, under the leadership of the Prosecutor, may do the following: 2. a 1a Receive written or verbal complaints. If the affected person attends the police station to report a crime, police personnel on duty have the urgent duty of receiving the complaint may well be written or verbal. The shape depends on the complainant.

If you want to do so verbal, it is not legal or rational demand made in writing it. In this case, the police lifted the minutes. The victim is entitled to it receives your complaint immediately and more importantly, urgent investigations are carried out in order to prevent the traces of the crime go away by the inexorable passage of time. a 2. 2a a statement to take the complainant. Once the police receive written or verbal complaint, you may receive the whistleblower, that in order to obtain more information on the manner and circumstances in which the event occurred that claim and thus determine which actions immediate performed to identify the accused and to clarify the allegations.