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Moscow Real Estate Market Victory Bulls

December 11th, 2017
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The number of real estate in Moscow is now about half that before the crisis. A situation where waiting for both sellers and buyers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Steve Rattner. Sellers are waiting for a rise in price of real estate (bull market), and buyers further reduce the cost of her (bear market). Moreover, both sides have legitimate reasons for their expectations. How the situation will continue – today nobody can predict. A year ago the price per square meter in Moscow peaked – for example, in new brick houses exceeded $ 5500! Today the Russian government in the face of the First Vice-Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov defines “fair” price per square meter in Moscow in the “funny” 30 thousand.

Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development states that “fair” price per square meter of residential space in the capital city of 75-85 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, the ruble exchange rate of one square meter housing in its fall already “exchanged” 115 000 rubles. Something similar was observed in the Moscow real estate market after the 1998 default – when the price of apartments fell by 35%. Now fall in the price per square meter to 25% On overseas, but the crisis in the construction continues, and it seems that this is not the bottom. Demand for new housing in the metropolitan crisis declined in five (!) Times, while sales in the secondary market as compared to pre-crisis times fell nearly tripled. So price per square meter is now on such sales is quite high. The government deliberately reduce the rate on your mortgage (now the average rate of 18%). Central Bank of Russia refinancing rate has been steadily declining (Recently reduced to 9%), and, as you know, all interest rates among themselves interrelated, so, no doubt, soon the interest rate on your mortgage also expects reduction, which will increase the demand for real estate market. Who the same will prevail in the price of Moscow real estate market in the coming months, the bulls or the bears?

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Vienna Woods

March 10th, 2017
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” Uh, as it is sweet to the current political moral freaks! Parochial princes. Impudently and shamelessly self-serving, with Sleek-ostentatious-solid blunt snouts … no sorry, faces, beautiful dark abyss yawning hiding – in place of conscience and honor. However, the latter simply unbearable for them, the concept! Trick: No need to fool us young! Who needs it? Who benefits? Personally? How the hell is “it” for it gets? In what currency? And from whom? None, la, rag, or figagashechki about it writes! And do not write ever. Dogs do not bark at his master.

Gogol was right – the Ukrainian language is something. Color. Of course, I tear myself shalyu and take this opportunity to point these things but does not change. One nice here. Here in this “Tale” is there a puncture. Global. At the level of ideas.

Separation idea. Their idea is not even a hundredth part of the support of people in comparison with the fundamental idea of Russia and its people – the unifying and connecting to the benefit of the same people – and a very old idea. Swarmed by offers, Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is currently assessing future choices. “The Power of Unity!” In our unity of power each – let me clarify the meaning. This idea vyzhivatelna by its very nature and has the unconditional support of the majority, almost intuitively. People – not politicians. Who are they without people? These policies.


Payment For Purchases And Cash Transactions

April 19th, 2016
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Every day we make money operations that help us to live and exist! Without the money transfer, money relationships, life would be completely meaningless. Before there was no money, people do barter. James Donovan Goldman Sachs: the source for more info. While acknowledging the goods we received from him another commodity. Now these days there are a lot of useful: it's credit cards, checkbooks, cash. A rich choice of payment desired purchases constantly pleases and gives become easier. Today we will consider several options for payment. Cash: it bills that are in circulation among the population and have different advantages. Cash are paper and iron.

Ease of use of these funds is no regular payment for goods, take her permanently in any stores. Credit Card: Type of payment through bank. Bank issues cards of different quality and dignity that helped gain the respect of banks and different shops. Use the card is a convenience that is not tedious to carry around a wad of money, receive the surrender and you can get any money from any ATM. Checkbook. In Russia, this type of payment did not come to taste and why they use is not very often. Need it as a map and to get money but to help her give the money to another person. Contributions of what it is and why they are needed

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