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Stalin Russia

February 28th, 2012

We stand for it not be held responsible. " First, responsibility for the fact we do not accept. Secondly, nobody in Russia today, and this is not blamed. If the thinking in Russia is given due attention in terms of research, conservation, etc. etc., would have long since become clear that Stalin had a different nationality.

And every nation has its own mindset, therefore, looks at the problem and solutions will be others. (This was written by vv Putin, shortly before his meeting with N. . See "Letters unanswered," the letter 2). Enough to know the features of human thinking (the people) and any issue can be resolved without incident.

In this case, da Medvedev was enough to rely on the knowledge of types of thinking specifically Stalin and the Polish people, and would not have had so fearfully excuses. It was enough to merit an apology. And an apology would be accepted. Lack of a common fundamental thinking in Russia keep track of all country. And though it seems nonsense, but blows will bear right place, at a weak point. For example, the fundamental thinking of the U.S. aims to dominate over all types of thinking. Moderately aggressive. In 47% of aggression is spontaneous and not always on the merits. The main feature of this thinking is that he is not indifferent attitude towards it "repressed" types of thinking, until they make an attempt to ask for protection from the least powerful status thinking. After which the support of the "defectors" can no longer count on. Thinking itself the United States will maintain friendly relations, according to all rules of decency, but in the most difficult moment for the defector publicly turn his back and refuses to help. In this article I will only say one thing. Policies of the current American president have sufficiently solid basis of political moves, the strategy and the specifics of which will become obvious the world community since April 2011. In the meantime, Russia is experiencing and will fail. Want to or not, the responsibility for what happens rests with each person of the Russian state. Whatever was said, to fix it is not possible, until it has thought in Russia. Gonchar.


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