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Working Conditions

December 8th, 2011

The difference in the construction of indoor and outdoor disconnect switches plants due to their working conditions. Outdoor disconnectors must be fitted with devices that destroy the ice crust that forms at ice. In addition, they are used to disable small load currents, and their horns are supplied with contacts for extinction of the arc that occurs between divergent pins. The use of isolators for disabling circulating currents and low load current capacity isolators enable and disable the charging currents of cable and overhead lines, magnetizing currents of power transformers, equalizing currents (the current flowing between two points is electrically connected closed network and due to the difference between stress and redistribution load at the time of disabling or enabling the electrical connection) and a small load currents is confirmed by numerous tests carried out in power. This is reflected in a number of guidance materials, governing their use. Thus, in a closed switchgear 6-10 kV disconnectors may be enabling or disabling the magnetizing currents of power transformers, battery current lines, as well as current earth fault, not exceeding the following values: When the voltage 6kV: magnetizing current – 3.5 A Charge current – 2.5 A earth fault current – 4.0 A at 10 kV voltage: magnetizing current – 3.0 A Charge current – 2.0 A earth fault current – 3.0 A Install insulation between the poles of the partitions can increase the current on and off by 1.5 times. Disconnectors, 6 – 10 kV is allowed to enable and disable circulating currents to 70 A and load currents of lines 15 And if the operations pole outdoor disconnector with a mechanical drive.


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