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Tambov Region Appointees

December 7th, 2011

Vladimir Titarenko recently held the appointment of the Governor of the Tambov region, Tambov mayor and city manager. We wondered how this are ordinary tambovchane, potential voters. Institute social and political communication was designed and conducted on-line survey on the site of IA "Tambov-inform", whose goal was to identify the relationship tambovchan to cancel election and appointment procedure of the main parties and region. Of course, we expected that the residents of the Tambov region themselves want to participate in the selection of officials from the abilities, skills, professional skills that affect their lives, comfort, welfare and security. But the resulting survey data have several shocked.

First, the 81.39% of respondents would like to see themselves, feel and understand who they elect in vital positions. Secondly, they wanted to make clear understand their professional training, experience and personal qualities match the post. Third, they believe that only in the crucible of the election battle may crystallize and skill the ability of potential candidates for extraordinary solutions, which will depend on the vector of development and welfare of each resident. Fourth, the respondents would like to see a team that surrounds appointees, and they lead without the personal involvement of area residents. And from their professional experience is dependent mechanism for the implementation of decisions. After all, when the system crashes and no one to make a claim. Fifth, low socio-economic development are associated with non-public, closed appointees Killane in development and decision-making. Sixth, the lack of accountability to the electorate in view of removing them from the electoral process leads to a distortion of the reality show and in terms of socio-economic development. Only 10.22% of respondents are willing to surrender to chance, "luck or bad luck" with the appointee. And the 8.38% – those who do not care what happens in their lives and around them. Thus, the study again showed that underestimate and ignore the degree of participation and voleizyavleniya absolute majority (81.39%) in the formation of both the executive and legislative branches, dangerous.


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