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November 9th, 2012

Candido designates not only that Sergio Buarque of Holland, paulistano transferred to the River, participated, as to the experience of life, but how much to the intellectual temperament, the way of being and the nature of the workmanship of the two spaces that it looked to concentrate itself. It oscillated between Rio and So Paulo, what he had important paper in its formation and its characterization as historian and as critical. In this height he agrees to allude to the differences between the modernismo in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro: that one, more moderate. , That Candido, in such a way thus in accordance with moderate of So Paulo, as Guillermo de Almeida and Ribeiro Couto, more is seemed the ones of the River. An indication of this is that the documents most important of the modernista theory had been produced in So Paulo, being enough to remember ' ' Preface interessantssimo' ' , of Paulicia Desvairada, and the Slave who is not Isaura, of Mario de Andrade, or the Antropofgico Manifesto, of Oswald de Andrade. As we know, it had in the modernismo a nationalistic section half ornamental politically conservative represented in So Paulo for the movements Verdeamarelo and Anta.

However, exactly this modality had in So Paulo bigger theoretical density, with Pliny Salgado and Cassiano Ricardo. In Rio De Janeiro, it had only cosmic ecstasies of Favour Spider and some articles of Ronald de Carvalho, that had not marked the movement nor had had great consequence. Perhaps this if explains, the least in part, because in So Paulo the track was freer and the news had little thing to respect, while in the River it had of long dates a strong cultural quantity, that imposed, corresponded the arraigados habits and it was not left to derogate easily. To prove this, even so it is not our objective, it is enough to compare the mental attitude and the writings of Mario de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Antonio de Alcntara Axe with the ones of Favour Spider, Ronald de Carvalho, Renato Almeida.


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