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Sacred Seminary Heart

December 10th, 2012

The afros plenrias, musics, instruments, presentations in the streets and the manifestos, showed that the black movement of the Piau would have at that moment force to stimulate the creation of a strong group that would mark history, from this franciscanos support of frades. After the meeting the representatives of the Piau, had been motivated to articulate and to organize black communities, as, the creation of groups of reflection of the black movement. In the Piau Park, one of the old habitacionais sets of Teresina, came in permanent performance some militant ones in the joint of the organized black movement. With prominence: Black Cona, Svio, Black Halda Regina, Marizete, Black Claude and Divina. They were militant that they made reflection on excellent subjects of the time in reference the cause of the black person, acted in the called group New Ylwai. Its meetings happened in the center of formation of the Piaui Park.

With this group they had given origin to the Mocambo of the Black Agents of Pastoral of Teresina. After some months would go to initiate the creation of small groups in the quarters and the Sacred Seminary Heart of Jesus, with prominence to the work of Frei Leandro OFM, Frei Fernncio OFMCap, Frei Joo Muniz OFM, Foot. Joo Pablo and Frei Evandro, Frei Ccero OFMCap, had created the Black group of the Seminaristas: Juarez, Adelino, J Cross, Carlito, with support of the Foot. Peter Brito, sufficiently operating in the afros celebrations and cultural nights. He had the wakening of militant young of the Great Dirceu: Someron, Jakson, Sebastiana, Socorrinha of the Itarar, Gean (in memory), Jose de a Cruz, Josefa and Ruth Goreth. In They are Joaquin, a group of people were participating with the leadership of Baptist, great militant, perseverante and friend of all, with its elegant gingado, conquest to all and all. In the Red quarter it had the wakening of Rejanei, Ruimar and a Rodinelle child.


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