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Reference Time

March 30th, 2018

Today, when analyzing some factors, this is perceived that the diligent ones are each time next to the people, becomes the factor ‘ ‘ democracia’ ‘ how much in such a way susceptible one to the public. The politician tries to more express each time from the voice of the people, that is, of the other. The dependence is total and the proeminence in guaranteeing a future and still better ampler to the society if of the one for a rhetoric of sinestsica form and that, in some way, the fiance’ is fulfilled. It is marked in certain aspect, a persuasion speech where who leads to believe, also it is compelled to adentrar in the inverse social canal, in the case, the politician to be basic part of a quarter, a city, a State and finally, of a country, where most important it is to have a representative who surprises and means the people. Brazil presented it very the technology in little time behind. That is fact.

Ahead of this situation, has been determined misunderstanding in some still unknown ways? mainly in the low classrooms? for the country. The current moment is of tension, of silence and expectation. to cite one has left of the manifesto of Marx and Engels: Religious, moral, philosophical ideas, politics, legal etc., will say, had been modified throughout history, however, the religion, the moral, the philosophy, the politics, the right had always survived to these transformations. (2008. P.

42). In conclusion, the way as Dilma if relates is not aggressive and nor bastard, has in this factor, in twitter, an exploitation of the media its favor. It is disrespected therefore, all misunderstanding that if it causes in contradiction to its gamma of followers, therefore of another side, its opponents also use same current tools for its favors. Nothing worthier of what a knight who feeds its horse. The cruelty if dresses of language figure, and each word is travestida in distinct or worse, contradictory significaes. When analyzing the speech current politician in twitter, observes an imaginary power, a democratic power where the time and the voice that reign a law are imaginable reproductions, that is, the universe on-line is transparent the point of not being certain of who really is in the other side of the line. If it has trot, is not known. Much of the opposite, is this factor, the omission of a enunciador that makes with that the media if fortifies and grows each time more. Therefore, the more to grow the easy access to these resources, greater will be the easiness (or difficulty) to express opinions politics in these ways. The conscience is social, then the citizen if individualiza and individualiza its speech, not for update of a grammatical system, but of the alive interaction with the social voices. For this factor it is that Dilma, through twitter is oriented under the look of an atmospheric perspective and inside takes a position strategical of the context of the circulation of social voices, finishes for exploring creative and dialgica a tension and works on borders that give to ballast to its campaign, time and voice, one more time, becomes great explanations in very little characters, by the way, 140, in the maximum.


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