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San Francisco

March 28th, 2018

Families of Pan d Water. She consists that this family got letter of authorization of nesting in one would sesmaria (measured of land equivalent the 36 lguas or 6 kilometers) where that they had to plant, to create cattle and to implant the religion catholic, in the headquarters of farms already existing, originated in the hinterland, for occasion of the captainships and later busy with entrances and flags, approximately of 1790> the town of Belm of the San Francisco appeared from a pertaining farm Antonio de S Arajo, who, in 1830, if established to the edges of the River San Francisco, in lands of the city of Cabrob. (Wikipdia, 2009). It is possible that later, possibly, they have been changed the plans of Portuguese settling (To see biography of the sertanistas in annex). One also attributes to its origin to the Saints Missions of 1839 and 1840, co-ordinated for the priest Francisco Leather strap, when a chapel consecrated to Ours was launched basic rock d Lady of the Sponsorship, fact that motivated> peregrination. In 1830, according to historians the originary facts of Belm, its founder in habitual strolls, a little of its house, finding local of desert, compatible flaring landscape was distanciou until then installing itself there with its farm, passing the winter, constructing to the edge of the river San Francisco a house of taipa, house great to the side of this senzala, residence of the slaves. In the year of 1840, in the Misso Saint, nailed for the Priest Francisco Leather strap, the first rock of the chapel, consecrated was launched Ours Lady of the sponsorship. Learn more about this with Amazon. From there, the constructions had appeared of houses of Joo of S Arajo and Padre Francisco Tavares Arcoverde and others, that constituiram the conglomerate, giving the name of Belm in homage to the venerable padroeira Ours Lady of the Belm, of the extinct chapel of the Arax.


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