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Brazil One

June 11th, 2012

Vocs had forgotten that the example always comes from above, therefore is in this social clutter: what it has in the come one from above is the worse possible example. For everything this and for that you and its party represent, I cannot, I do not have and I do not go to keep silent! They can arrest me, kill me, can make with me what to want why I already ' ' not you nor a.' ' I will sign this letter to the end and I will characterize myself. If somebody of vocs to kill to want me, already has in mind: – they go to have that to kill the two people; I and plus a deficient one and my dog. That they make ' ' service completo' '. Nor I and nor my defenseless friend, deficient physics, since vitimada for a AVC, we do not have fear. Perhaps either therefore that ' ' faces-pintadas' ' they had not been to the streets as they had left in the government Collor de Melo. To that government it had not implanted in unconscious the popular one that its apoiadores ' ' matavam' ' as vocs they had killed the Celso Daniel and more eight on people only this corruption case. To that government it did not have description to have participated of you engage in guerilla warfare; of sequestrations and murders of ambassadors; of assaults the particular banks nor residences. You and its party had imposed the fear and the terror in the population, therefore nobody leaves to the streets to ask for, to demand that vocs ' ' they fall fora' '. I do not go to bradar against you Dilma, good against the PT, why pra vocs me does not pass of punished souls, of fallen angels, but I go to bradar against all the sandices that vocs promote, nail, defend and still they intend to implant in mine loved Brazil, but not with hatred and yes with information.


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