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The October Revolution

May 12th, 2011

Union of Cossack Forces Dutova even appointed as his representative at the Paris meeting of the Heads of Government – Participants Entente. However, to go to Paris it was not necessary. The October Revolution broke out. Dutov it is not accepted. The very next day after the events in Petrograd, he came to Orenburg and issued orders to the troops: "In Petrograd, the Bolsheviks were and are trying to seize power, such as performances take place in other cities.

Army Government considers such a seizure of power by the Bolsheviks professional and totally unacceptable "This order Dutov announced its acceptance of his government full power to army. Orenburg, and then the province have been declared by him on a war footing. Started a civil war "This is a curious face: medium height, clean shaven, round shape, hair shorn by a comb, artful living eyes, can keep themselves, penetrating mind. " This portrait of Alexander Ilyich Dutova left the spring of 1918 contemporary. Then the troop Ataman was 39 years old.

Their political views Dutov defined as follows: "I love Russia, in particular its Orenburg edge, in this my whole platform. By the autonomy of areas positive attitude, and I myself am a big regionalists. Party struggle not to recognize or admit. If the Bolsheviks and anarchists have found a valid way to salvation, revival Russia, I would be in their ranks, Russia is dear to me, and patriots, no matter what party they belong to, will understand me as I do them.


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