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Carlos Fuentes

December 20th, 2011

The Mexican intellectual today is not yesterday's intellectual Daniel Cosio Villegas, is closer to the intellectual always revived by Octavio Paz, and if at any time cultural magazine Letras Libres Vuelta and Nexos, were confronted by Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz, the only one who was invited, he said, had to leave because he said that Mexico was the perfect dictatorship to a democracy so flawed, it was Mario Vargas Llosa, returning to Mexico and say FIL Guadalajara in Mexico to live a perfect democracy, dictatorship or not so very imperfect. Time with the thought makes Mexican intellectuals redouble their efforts and also unfold in their group interests, and when the culture industry the board, one can show why and how the market wants to see how one's listen and read: integrated, not full, but why and how to ask the Mexican intellectual who is not a diner ethically and morally restrained, if it is what sets it apart from a dog fighting bones? a What leads to deduct it as a future for Mexico is a proposal that can be scheduled in the six years-three-year program that subtracts from Calderon, can be an extension of more errors than hits, because in Camin and Castaneda certainty is the wandering of the President, putting more rocks to the path of what they ever imagined it would put: your own character with his wayward son in a carrier and on the way we walk, stumbling, he being -the first to go face down, and faced with high forehead, with a military helmet protecting him from all the blows, and yet avoid falling into a padded encobijados who were executed by drug hitmen. .


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