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Despite The Economic Crisis Online Communities Are Booming

July 13th, 2018

Evaluation of community study 2009, conducted by pludoni GmbH Dresden, January 31, 2010 – to capitalize on this success, must companies that understand the behavior and motivation of the increasingly active Internet users. Innovations can be accelerated through Internet-based networking enormously, resulting in that social software in 2010 will be one of the most strategic investments for companies. Web 2.0 technologies that have long reached a large spread in the private sector, allow an active communication and a culture of open dialogue between companies their employees, partners, and customers. The community was conducted by Enrico Hanisch study within the framework of a Diplomaarbeit on behalf of pludoni GmbH,. The pludoni GmbH is specialized on community management in the B2B area between HR and business leaders to the direct recommendation of candidates.

For example belong to the communities and. “Communitystudie 2009” aimed to an in-depth overview of use and Perspectives of online communities in German companies to deliver. In this context, it was analyzed, which business objectives help companies through the usage of communities what are the driving forces behind the introduction of this technology, and is evaluated as their usage. Also interested in success factors for use by communities in the economic environment and an analysis of the evolving profession “Community Manager”. The result of the poll that showed that the majority of the companies surveyed in enterprises is an important investment in the future was not surprisingly. In addition, online marketing tools in the marketing of online communities play a much more important role than the traditional marketing measures. On the success and measuring the impact of online communities, the hypothesis could be confirmed that non-monetary variables (improved customer relations, employee satisfaction, etc.) is more frequently used as monetary figures.

(increased sales, cost reductions, etc.). Clear the hypothesis that companies that are in a traditional offline business network member, later assess the importance of online communities for business success was confirmed. As the largest impeller with the introduction of online communities within companies conducting business and the marketing department showed. Read more about the study here: node/1010. pludoni comes from Esperanto and means “pass”. We will share our experiences, our knowledge and the results of our ongoing interest in new Internet technologies, communication networks of or direct, immediate, simple to make. Since 2008, we manage communities. The goal of our members and partners is to strengthen the economic power of the industrial regions of Germany for entrepreneurs across corporate boundaries. We are intensifying with our skills, to develop, to make communication efficient online reputation of companies and technical platforms again and again on the increasing demands the users to adapt. Trust and appreciation are our decisive factors. Communities managed by pludoni are organized, hosted, and maintained by modern standards. Enterprise 2.0 solutions make transparent company, support confidence and consistency of all those involved. We are prepared for them. More info at, and. contact: pludoni GmbH of Jorg Kapoor of Pillnitz Highway 73 b 01326 Dresden


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