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Hannover Germany

April 22nd, 2020

The PSi laser GmbH presented their product innovations at CeBIT in Hannover this year. Visit US in Hall 17, stand G08 PSi laser GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of endless laser printers in terms of mean pressure volume. At the CeBIT 2009 the PSi laser GmbH in Hannover presents innovative products and intelligent printing solutions in the endless pressure, specifically for the banking sector. Win, March 2009 the PSi laser, which had been set up ppm in the pressure volume range under 100, expanded its product portfolio and realized with a speed between 30 and 142 ppm, a volume of 200,000 and 1.5 million pages per month and a paper width of 18-inch printing applications. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. The PSi laser GmbH prepares CeBIT highlights 2009 in addition to the classical continuous printing the CeBIT their new printing applications, specifically the MICR technology (magnetic ink character recognition), to which finds its use in the area of security printing. The solution for personalized check printing with a paper width up to 18 inches of Continuous-feed laser printers PP 4050MICR is the perfect combination of LED electric photography and MICR technology in the area of personalized, cost efficient printing of cheque. The endless laser printer PP 4050MICR here for a monthly duty cycle of up to 200,000 pages designed. Based on the mature technology of PP 4050XP and PP 4060 has the PSi laser with the PP 4050MICR and the PP 4060MICR two continuous-feed laser printers MICR printing applications designed for. If you would like to know more then you should visit Suffolk County Rep..

The paper width of up to 18 inches allows many cheque formats that can be printed side by side on a printed sheet. While the printed PP 4050MICR up to 11,500 and the PP 4060MICR up to 14,500 checks per hour. The integrated CMC-7 and E13 B fonts can be selected through the software, or directly on the display. Where are always personalized cheques or credit used PP 4050MICR and PP 4060MICR offer a strong and reliable printing application. This is confirmed by international certificates. PR9 of the new multifunctional document printer for banks, authorities, Health and industrial applications when printing forms are the matrix printer of choice.

They can still convince by their reliability, durability, cost-efficient working and the multiple benefits of pressure. The PR9 is a flexible transaction printer for banks, authorities, healthcare and industry. State of the art technology, such as the automatic paper thickness detection and alignment, allows the quick and reliable processing of various documents with up to 7 printing use. Optionally also FanFold Paper can be fed. An extremely long-lasting printing head, long-life consumables and high operating and servicing keep printing costs extremely low.

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