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Jose Maria Enriqueta

September 11th, 2017

I asked as I was not paying much attention to the response. Not much time left and sometimes returned to have a sexual relationship with Mary Jesusa, who never married. She left her son in the room while she worked and went up to feed regularly. When he was a little older I had with him, he sat on the floor with a toy made with some object in use, such as an empty box, and watched from afar, while fulfilling their obligations. Jesus began from very small to help his mother with the cleaning. Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction.

He had a happy childhood but never lacked the love of his mother or his attentive gaze, watching him. When he was a little older, the store owner used it to perform various tasks and gave some hard to change. At age 15 he worked as a clerk, assisting the owner in all tasks. He had seen during his childhood and learned that consisted of everything related to work, looking at him. At that time, Jose Maria Enriqueta and had become bitter enemies of the regime. They would meet at his house all friends with the same ideology.

His ideals were high. Both thought that Spain deserved any sacrifice. Probably both had found a reason to live in this unequal struggle they faced with the government. And paid dearly for those ideals! Antonio, when he came home and met all these people arguing heatedly, shut himself in his room. I turned the radio volume up enough to not hear what they were talking.


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