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Vienna Situation

July 19th, 2011

He stayed there for eleven months. Diminished by the closure but still lucid, Emperor examines different ways to rebuild their former glory. Very soon realizes that the victors of the war, especially Russia, were dominated by letting his personal ambitions, making an agreement impossible. The onerous war reparations demanded by the Tsar Alexander I, and the refusal of the Powers assembled at the Congress of Vienna to grant it, put the situation extremely tense. The turbulent situation, think Napoleon is ideal for a new insurrection.

While his enemies have not decided what to do with him, he takes a neglect of duty on the island to escape in the company of his most faithful servants. A Way Out: The military action on 26 February 1815, under the command of some 600 men, mocking the French and British security on Italian shores and lands on 1 March in the city gala Antibes in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur . The news of his arrival immediately runs across the country and within hours, the adhesion to his cause in the thousands. By March 14, about 10,000 men available threaten to go to Paris, which finally arrive five days later. Louis XVIII, the king restored to his throne, escapes contact the rebels and enemies of Napoleon.

Despite the great sympathies to the soldier wakes up in the country, it is not fooled. He knows I prefer only by the rule of a king nasty sensual self-centered and want to take this situation as possible. To do this it was necessary to annihilate their enemies in the country and change of political stance.


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