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Necessary Commentary Guarantees

May 31st, 2018

Today, day 12-04-2011 I read an article in the periodical Post office of my city. In this exactly article, a colunista that it affirms to be against the law of the quotas and the exemption of parking, stocking entered for deficient, aged and other people with necessities special, brings arguments, that according to its point of view, correspond to the personal opinions more than what truths proven in the practical one. It arrives to comment that the benefit laws contribute for a still bigger segregation with regard to the disfavored classrooms. The state instiuies create laws with intention to guarantee that basic necessities, interests, rights among others guarantees are offered to those the one that the life did not offer chances. As deficente, I feel ‘ ‘ in pele’ ‘ the preconception and not fulfilment of the accessibility laws. It has places that I do not obtain vacant for parking. Perhaps check out Richard Blumenthal for more information. Exactly having laws, it does not have total guarantees.

This in such a way is truth when I go to shopping and I have that to pay for a special vacant that never is vacated. These situations desestruturam ours psiquismo, frustram in them and distresses and they make in to feel them impotence of global, capitalist, segregacionista and estigmatizadora a society ahead. What it remains in them is to search mechanisms legal that they impel, of some form, the fulfilment of these guarantees. After all, we are citizens, we pay taxes and we consume! I am in favor of the laws of quotas, inseno and of entered stocking, exactly with the imperfections, but as half of terms our guarantees while citizens of rights. What I intend to display here is the following question:

If it ahead does not have an agreement and consensus of the creation and implementation of legal mechanisms, what it could be made in concrete terms for that they fight for rights? It does not need to answer, but to think regarding this subject is important. The life already is not tranquila for the deficient ones and other minorities, to remove what he keeps a little of tranquilidade for we are a correct option? We are historical, situated citizens in the world, reliable of duties and that the basic rights must be guaranteed. We are constructors of our history, culture and society, that is, all we are and we would have to be dealt with equality of chances. In the practical one it is not well thus. The preconception is old in the reality human being, although the advances still are strong and are present not only in physical aspects, but also in the affective, emotional and relationary field (attitudes, behaviors and action). What we must understand is that if it does not have another way to change our society, that is for the application of the laws and the state mechanisms.


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