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Paris Square

March 6th, 2024

Rent holiday accommodation allows saving half of the 57.5 per cent compared with the Hotel data from the last scan performed by the group specialized in bed and breakfast through Internet, HomeAway, show that opt to rent alternative to hotel accommodations to spend rest periods cost savings for tourists, 57.5% on average. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. The study has been taking as labour camp 10 large European cities more demanded by the users of the portal for your holidays: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Paris, Prague, Rome and Venice. As explains Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for homeaway.es, the Spanish portal of the HomeAway group, we are talking about a very important cost saving to which must be added other features increasingly most demanded by tourists, such as more privacy, more space in which to enjoy and total flexible timetable during your stay. All this makes the rentals of holidays between private individuals to gain strength and becomes an activity that helps greatly to the tourism sector continues to grow. Venice is the most profitable of the cities studied with, on average, a 74% price difference between square meter of extrahotelero accommodation and per square meter of accommodation in a hotel. Followed in profitability for the tourist who opts for rent Barcelona and Berlin, where this difference in price per square meter stands at 64%. Minor differences in price but still very important show Paris (63% lower cost per square meter of extrahotelero accommodation than a hotel room), Rome (59%), Lisbon (58%), Prague (56%), Edinburgh (47%), London (45%), and Amsterdam, the city where the difference is smaller, with an average price per square meter of 41% over hotel room than square meter space in extrahotelero accommodation.


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