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Presidential Political Debate

July 15th, 2018

Approaching the new American elections where either of its two strongest candidates John McCain and Barack Obama know that they must confront the economic crisis facing the country. Therefore, it is not surprising the Americans, nor the world, that both candidates are emphasizing economic policy during his campaign for the Presidency. Universia Knowledge Wharthon reports in this regard, that the positions of the Republican McCain and Democrat Obama are in tune with the traditional line of their respective parties: Obama emphasizes the involvement of the Government in the economy, while McCain proposals point towards solutions from the private sector. Both plans will contribute to the deterioration of the already worrying the country’s deficits, according to say Wharton professors and economic policy analysts who detected worrisome elements in the plans of the two candidates. Not the slightest doubt, that the United States currently faces a severe economic crisis, aspect that must be face either of the two candidates and a programme, shall be submitted to the Americans economic policy that desvuelva confidence and demonstrate that their actions palearan this serious problem. Both candidates have to highlight compelling programs in their campaign to face this situation and according to their programs many will decide your vote to the best position such as Universia Knowledge Wharthon it says voters are increasingly more concerned with the financial situation of the country.

More than half of Americans, 56%, describes how precarious the U.S. economic condition, while 33 percent consider it reasonable, according to the Institute’s research The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Americans have seen in recent years as they have been seen to affected in their economy, their income by the economic crisis which has been derived under the management of its current President George Bush, the rise in oil prices and that has them very concerned, being in the expectation that their new President will offer you.


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