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The Limits

April 3rd, 2018

the great Masters of Music make this very well. exactly the music of a great soul to only exceed the limits of the mere trivial one, the current and the common human being. At least an angel could show celestial wonders, does not seem obvious? Happily no book does not exist that obtains to teach as to learn to listen to music with the heart. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. for this does not have formulas: it is only learned making. But as to learn alone always it is more difficult, I decided of this time to elaborate this work and to congregate more in this coletnea nothing, nothing less than the talent of famous Masters as Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn. To appreciate music requires patience and continuity. A minimum of disciplines, therefore. as in everything related the training, here also only most perspicacious will obtain spoon the best and inesquecveis fruits.

It is not truth that Wisdom comes of saborear? It always enchanted me to search on subjects related to the Musicoterapia. The proposal basic is to offer culture, to disponibilizar workmanships rare or of difficult access and to facilitate to the maximum the musical appreciation. Everything this of entirely gratuitous form, without no interest of profit, any that is. Why such effort? For the simple fact of that it is the minimum that I can make now. Quanta people exists for there suffering indizveis sufferings and however you prevented (ressentimentos, painful memories, fears, you distress, solitude, for example) and I cannot make nothing! One day I had that to make something for me exactly, but, absolutely, this is not sufficiently. As many pains, as many hurts, as many traumas, as many fears.

As much weakness ours. To suffer is really an illusion, a great lie invented for we ourselves. exactly when if it decides to stop to suffer, all that invisible weight that jammed the heart, as all storm, disappears! Of where it comes this so great force? Each one goes to need one day to discover its proper reply.


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