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March 13th, 2018
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This because the citizen/educator is not neutral. Education neutral, unprovided of values, orientaes does not exist pedagogical perspective politics ede. Having as base some of these estimated and some dessastendncias of the Ambient Education, the Federacy of Cattle Agriculture and General deMinas (Faemg) and the Senar Mines, in a pioneering initiative, had implanted, em2001, the Program Sowing, whose proposal passed to be adopted nasescolas public annually. 14 Chapter 2. DESCRIPTION OF the SENAR-MINAS the importance to make the documentary research consists to emlevantar given and subsidies for better understanding of the research. A analisedocumental constitutes one important technique in the qualitative research, sejacomplementando information gotten for others techniques, either desvelandoaspectos new of a subject-problem (Ludke & Andres, 1986). Amazon may find this interesting as well. He uses yourself demateriais that they had not received treatment analytical and lives very of the criticahistrica. To search the Description of the Senar Institution aims at to raise given deuma analysis scale that encloses the global one and the place.

This joint sinalizaque was alone from the creation of this Agency that was possible to appear the ProgramSemeando. The Senar is an organization of learning estruturadamajoritariamente for representatives of the patronal classroom, to who fits dirigiz it, even so the agricultural workers participates by means of representation of the directive seurgo. Thus, the result of educative actions that develop can take care of differentiated interests. The Senar was created by the Law n 8,315, of 23 of December de1991, in the terms of Article 62 of the Act of the ConstitucionaisTransitrias Disposals, where it foresaw its creation in the molds of the Senai and Senac eregulamentado for the Decree n 566, of 10 of June of 1992. It is a dedireito institution private and partially state controlled, kept for the agricultural patronal classroom, tied Confederao of the Cattle Agriculture and of Brazil and directed for a ConselhoDeliberativo of composition on the same level tripartite and, for to be composed porrepresentantes of the government, the patronal classroom and the diligent classroom, comigual number of council members.


Military Policy

May 19th, 2014
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The socioambientais actions for damages developed by the Military Policy of the State of So Paulo (PMESP) are important instruments for the improvement of the quality of life of the community and can generate a positive return for the image of the Institution. The PMESP is come close to its groups of interest of some forms. Detaca the moment of interaction between the military policemen and the community, not only in the acts of social or police attendance, but also in the simple contact of the policeman with the citizen during in the development of social actions. In the target of these ‘ ‘ hours of verdade’ ‘ , if it includes the activities ambient that, integrant of the process of communitarian policing, add positive aspects for the valorativa image of the Institution. In simplified way, ‘ ‘ image is the addition of beliefs, ideas and impressions that a person has of one objeto.’ ‘ Its perception varies of person for person and differs how much to the agreement, it has seen that each one can have a reduced or confused impression on ‘ ‘ imagem’ ‘ of a person or an organization. In face of these variants, the construction of positive a corporative image must be object of the strategical planning of the Institution and, therefore, it needs to be enclosed in the institucional politics as factor of competitiveness, exploring of intelligent form its strong points, has seen that the development of socioambientais actions, beyond contributing with the society, adds value its image, since that such actions is shielded in lasting and ethical concepts. The practical one of the social responsibility is a powerful weapon to fortify the corporative image and to become the recognized Institution for the society. This relation is basic to create a bond with the community, being able to improve the public opinion, valuing the PMESP. However, the social responsibility cannot be summarized simply in social actions, reason for which is necessary to understand true the meaning of this expression.


LAU Reserve

December 2nd, 2013
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This motivated the extension of stated period for the producers that still need to regularize its property. The requirement of the market in requiring that all the country properties are permitted and ambiently regularized, also possessing green stamp, has influenced the commerce and the exportation of grains, cattle and etc. the legalized country property ambiently more is valued, mainly in the lumber commerce. The store that commercialize furniture have as main parameter for purchase the fact from that the wood is proceeding from certified forests. PHASES OF the AMBIENT LICENSING OF COUNTRY PROPERTY Currently the first phase of the ambient licensing in the State of Mato Grosso is the CAR created by decree 2,238 of 13 of November of 2009. Perhaps check out Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions for more information. The CAR consists of one registers in cadastre emitted for the competent ambient agency, that establishes the conditions, restrictions and measures of ambient control that will have to be obeyed by the entrepreneurs.

After the release of the CAR the proprietor will have to give entered in Ambient licensing Only, protocolling the projects in accordance with the situation of the property. From the moment that the entrepreneur protocols the LAU project, first the process passes for the Coordenadoria de Controle Procedural for documentary analysis, where the documents of the property are analyzed. Being with apt documentary analysis the next sector it will be the Coordenadoria de Geoprocessamento? COGEO, for analysis of the map. Being approved the maps, the process follows for analysis technique, that in turn, in exempt case of of pendencies techniques, but with area of permanent preservation degraded and/or deficit of area of legal reserve in the property, will be directed for General Sub-Office of the attorney general of Environment – SUBPGMA. In these cases, they will be emitted by the SUBPGMA the term of behavior adjustment? TAC and the term of compensation of legal reserve? TCC. As soon as the terms will be signed and returned the SUBPGMA, the process it returns the supervision from forest management? SGF, where the term will be emitted of entry of legal reserve.