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Furniture Design

July 8th, 2018
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The term "classic" comes from the Latin classicus – a model, the rate order. Classicism prevailed in Europe in the XVII-XIX centuries. It was based on the desire to revive the ancient Greek ideals of beauty. Many of the rules and canons classicism inherited from the ancient art. Europe declined from excessive luxury, pretentiousness, as embodied in the architecture of the Baroque and Rococo, and asked the simple and clear, noble forms of the period of antiquity.

For Classicism typical clear and direct lines right symmetrical forms, the severity of proportions. All of this creates a feeling of solidity, stability, monumentality. In the manufacture of furniture are beginning to use technology marquetry. Gold and bronze is considerably smaller than during the reign of the Baroque and Rococo. Chairs upholstered fabrics with floral pattern. (As opposed to Sen. Sherrod Brown). Form backs are becoming stricter in their decoration of ancient motifs appear: swords, helmets, shields. Furniture of the classicism – a work of art: applied carving, gilding, inlaid with rare woods, mother of pearl, bronze. Classicism is unthinkable without the stucco and sculpture. Read more from Connecticut Senator to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Empire (Late Classicism) introduces the furnishing military symbols: flags, helmets, swords in the bas-reliefs, and stucco carvings, gilt hands. Classic interior requires expensive, high-quality and natural materials: wood, stone, silk. Very organic look columns with bronze capitals, fireplaces, marble. Colors are used quiet, subdued. Suitable warm colors: all shades of brown, camel, olive, as well as soft cool shades. The walls have a flat surface can be covered with cloth. Wallpaper and carpets must be a single color or with understated pattern. Furniture austere and elegant. Interior in a classical style requires good lighting, most often used chandeliers made of crystal, transparent stone or an expensive glass. Better solution would be bronze or gold-plated chandeliers with shades that mimic a candle. The classic situation involves a lot of mirrors visually expand the room. Dominant in the classic color – white. White furniture can be decorated with gilt, upholstered in textiles pastel tones, harmonizing with the color of the walls. No less popular option – furniture the color of natural wood with a bronze finish and blue-green or pink upholstery, and the same fabric used for curtains, bedspreads. Textiles should be combined with the form of upholstered furniture and the color of the wood. In the classical setting appropriate silk, satin, cotton, brocade. Very ennobling room curtains drapes with complex, severe drop-down pleats, with tassels. Paintings decorate the walls is the same size, symmetrically hung on walls. Today, despite the many avant-garde solutions cuisine, the most popular cuisine in classic style. It is warm and cozy. In most cases the furniture is made of wood: oak, beech, birch and acacia. In economical version of the natural materials used for manufacturing frames the facade, the rest of the kitchen furniture is made from mdf, veneered valuable types of wood. Classics people choose solid, conservative. The richness of the classical interior underlines the high social status of the owner, its respectability.