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March 20th, 2019
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In the '70s, many young people were fighting for a better world, they were at risk of imprisonment, beatings and death, but the desire for freedom prompted many young people to travel that road full of risks, then each with its Title in the hand walked down the paths that life had in store for almost 30 years later, my old cell phone rang … I answered and a voice strong and determined he began, "answered one of the best speakers in the UNT 70 ?… No! "I told him was wrong, 'said a poor man who is struggling against death for a long time … Cholo," he cried Cholito! and began to mourn … was Wilfredo Zapata Olea, we were a few days later, we hugged and sat down to remember so many student days, but the "Negrito" Olea carried under the arm, a diagnosis so close to my "I have Cirrhosis and I need a liver transplant, QUEEEE? "I cried, we discuss our experience, was married Janeth was 3 Daughters, was thin, was no longer the young husky, was wounded, was encouraged, speech and promised him help as he knew the Fight!, We went to the Clinica San Borja, the "Beacon", a clinic, he endoscopy did ligation of esophageal varices, CT gouged out, we talked with the heads, Janeth, his wife assisting him at his side, the cirrhosis was complicated, he was hospitalized, biopsy rum and start losing the joy, also had a Lung Cancer !, the pleura was flooded with blood and it turned out the Voice, do not talk!, a lawyer as combative, he suddenly elite … He did not speak!, I just listened, took him to INEN Janeth .. .

the end it was hopeless, I went to say goodbye … My God how many times I have lived these moments! I spoke, I listened, she smiled, her bright eyes looking at me, his hands had caught mine, I was forbidden to enter Pulmonology but I knew we would not see us, out-away from their eyes, "I began to mourn, remembering what days before I had confessed. Why is this happening to us, we're good, do not hurt anyone ?… For Miguel, Why are tests Negrito ?… Ah, is the logic of God, "he said," I had asked Infernal same thing for two years, Janeth, their daughters and sisters struggled in recent months, a few hours ago, have informed me that Wilfredo has died, the cancer finally took a good man, a loyal companion, Catholic, Mariano, a helpful friend, a lawyer with an imperishable will to truth, honesty and decency, a husband and father, who won the title Attorney at UNT, that house for which he fought as a student and which ennobled with an impeccable professional, Social honest and dreamed-as-precious legacy left to their daughters and wives, as I said, "Not thousands, not millions, but happy," Early came the shadows of the night, gets you very early Death survive but the Light, Darkness Wilfredo not overcome you! and as both repeated in the deaths of many comrades to convert pain into strength and faith! Misfortune is not for those who go, but for which we were full of atavistic Nostalgia, adding depth to the hole of the sadness in which continue rolling cliff prayers in silence, hoping to have power to call God and ask and they checked so sad … So long mate! … rest in peace.