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The Market Situation For The Gift Of Weapons

May 24th, 2011
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Can not be assured by collectors of ancient weapons, and in our time. Even today, there are cases of detention of people who own things rarity in this category. The reason for this is the omission legislation which allows for a dual understanding of certain rules relating to possession and carrying. So acting today, the Weapons Act 1996 did not contain a definition of antique weapons. In connection with the than a sale, gift or wearing such things are illegal. Though if, for example, the ancient sword is in the apartment, then this is nothing illegal there. But as soon as the owner wishes to take her out of the house for, say, examination or for sale, thus it violates the law and may be prosecuted as if he was carrying a military edged weapons.

In that case if you have any problems with the authorities rule of law, it is recommended to use the services of competent lawyer, preferably specializing in cases such as this area of law has many subtleties. Still, if you do not want to face such troubles, you should consider a number of rules relating to carrying ancient weapons. When carried, it must be packaged. Conspicuous without specific permission is a violation of the law. A turnover of certain categories of weapons, such as legs, and the law does not allowed. As mentioned above, on the market today is a shortage of antique weapons is really valuable, unique items. This was the cause of the increasing popularity of gift of weapons manufactured by modern masters, or industrial process. In Russia there are several well-known masters, weapons are highly valued and their values can be compared with the best ancient samples.