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April 3rd, 2011

The point here is rather in the way flow and mechanism of action of the story. Absurd and cruel modern anecdote ridicules including cases that for a man "romantic" warehouse are absolutely ridiculous. And there is a tendency to totalization ridicule – is absolutely ridiculous, and all around trying to find a funny side. Perhaps this is due to the physiological effect of laughter – laughter is fun and can act as a drug. This is already philosophical question Anecdote, still inherent – and this is perhaps its principal charm – absolute fearlessness. Anecdote involves the type of freedom that people unconsciously cherish most – freedom, which it neither non-binding. Normal anecdote does not threaten, nowhere calls and asks for nothing.

Anecdote is free from any kind whatsoever prescriptions. The one who accepts it, he promises clean, fun game. And this is the main therapeutic function of the anecdote. It removes the fear of the world not only because it all and all it equalizes (although this adjustment is carried out only in fantasy and anecdote understands it), but the fact that he is lenient to the real world, giving him the opportunity to be yourself. Anecdote as a kind of fun, language play quite unconsciously create common values and meanings.

In view of this anecdote is one of the easiest ways to another person – to anything non-binding and in no way binds. Anecdote brings people together, removes the estrangement between them, preserving their autonomy and independence. Wise pritchevost characterized the best jokes. It is no accident Some formulas of these jokes went over to the aphorisms and sayings, summarizing our experience of life: "Go prove that you're not a camel!", "Do not make waves," "Is this life?", "I would be your concerns, Mr. Teacher!" etc. In this case, there the main difference between anecdotes from statements and aphorisms. It is their deliberate anonymity. Even when the anecdote is the official author, it is usually not advertised, and often vice versa – is leveled, making the popular anecdote creativity. The vitality of the anecdote explains anekdotizmom life. In one of the Polish jokes contains this dialogue: – Do you have a new anecdote? – No. What about you? – Also no. Ugh! What kind of government? The fact that the vitality anecdote caused anekdotizmom life, one can see by looking at the many jokes on the Internet. Strained attempts to come up with a new anecdote only in rare cases lead to success. And this happens only when can spy on and briefly present case is really funny or pathetic situations in life. Andersen said that the best fairy tales – the ones who come up with life itself. By anecdote, this applies even more measure.


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