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Your Cup Is Half Full Or Half Empty ?

May 30th, 2019

Life is full of customs and one of them is to see the glass half full or half empty. What does this mean? very simple, when you go through life seeing what you lack, for errors in people who love you and want, when you focus on what you “NEED”, not what you’ve achieved your life is simply a hell of misery and the most sad part of life to do it “pictures” that you have at your side. But when you’ve been lucky enough to get used to seeing your glass half full, you get what you, thankful for the favors you do, you live in a state of contentment with yourself and others, say that this way of perceiving the world allows you to live fully and not scarcity. Neuro-linguistic Programming talks about redefining the situation, using the power of words, when your brain constantly are sending messages of “missing something” “not enough”, NEVER, NEVER! you’ll see the glass half full, really always half empty. However, when you bless the things you have, people who make an effort to help, when you choose, listen, you choose, ie you decide to see your glass half full, the messages that you send to your brain will expand your vision, and live in a world more friendly and pleasant. The other way you’re thinking all the time that others are cheating you, the others are abusing you, no one treats you well, etc, etc. The saddest part of this bad habit of seeing with your eyes the glass half empty is NEVER ENOUGH, in Taoism, there is a sentence which says that we do not know which is “sufficient” we are in trouble …

That’s what happens to that bad habit, and I invite you to observe you and you “catch” yourself when you’re falling into this error, especially with loved ones, there is nothing more devastating in family relationships, including parents and children, between husband and wife, you and your friends, between you and the people you love that criticism, comparison, and the inability to see the glass half full that unites rather than half empty. Think, maybe you’re making this mistake with someone who is very dear and do not even realize it, but the damage this can cause in the lives of those you love are probably irreversible, at least for a considerable time, but for a lifetime. Redefine your situations, if you’re not in the capacity to do for yourself seek help, ask the Holy Spirit that makes you see things differently, from another perspective, a perspective more sympathetic in the end you yourself doing much damage these with this bad attitude, and probably what you are doing so unconsciously to people lives every day with you. Just for today have in our hands we hold a glass half full of life that God has served on a silver platter, celebrate with your children, celebrate with your friends, celebrate with your colleagues, is that open by example horizons between the brothers, a way of living more loving, more compassionate, less violent.


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