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April 25th, 2020

Therefore, beginning this workmanship with the perpetual poem of our Master Jesus and Co-Autor with God, of the Planet Land, that returns in great glory in the material existence and spiritual, of that they look am-Lo in Spirit and Truth. APOCALYPSE DE JESUS This is a Acrstico, Where its rhymes, He is Jesus with its Doctrine. The prophecy if initiates, Because the certification of Jesus is the prophecy spirit. The Apocalypse is life; therefore Jesus said: He stows dead and he became to live. With its blood It makes in them to survive. That one that is not caridoso, will not have defense, in the tribulao hours, Frees will be that one, that to fulfill its divine vocation.

It before matters to please the God who to the men, Because of millenium the millenium, the largenesses human beings if consume. We are the proper prophecy, each one receives in agreement with its workmanship, While the man thinks and speaks, history registers and charges. Of when in when, ‘ ‘ livro’ ‘ if he opens, and Jesus is studied, It is the Star of the Morning, that to the man is disclosed. Jesus comes as King Dos Reis, leaves to sublimar the politics human being. Here it is tabernculo of God, who the Being does not abandon, Its reign never will have end, One of the ancios took the word and said: Its reign? But it begins.


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