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Brazil Meeting

June 18th, 2012

To the few the reality of Brazil in relation to the field went appearing. Some agricultural workers came being expulsos of some devices. What indignation of a section of the Church occurred, that organized the Commission Pastoral of Terra (CPT), that together with these workers organized an occupation in the Rio Grande Do Sul. Many meeting, meetings and debates had been carried through by these workers to revert this question. However tired of promises, they will be joined and they had decided to demand the land. In January of 1984, in the city of Rattlesnake in the Paran the first National Congress of the Agricultural Workers Without Land is carried through. In this period the extreme West of the Paran, met in relation the fights for land critical, a time that, many agriculturists had been dispossessed of its lands of unjust form in favor of the construction of ' ' maior' ' plant hydroelectric plant of the world, the Binational Itaipu, that little was worried about these agriculturists, wanted the cost all ' ' progresso' '.

The meeting in Rattlesnake, marked the movement definitively, therefore it was in this meeting that officially it became the Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land, and already from this meeting, directed diverse people for diverse encampments, that is, the meeting marked the beginning of its history of fight for the Agrarian Reformation and the construction of a society more joust, without explored nor exploring. Today the movement is organized in 22 states and follows with the same objectives defined since the principle. The without-land today, is not alone an individual characteristic of land lack, is an identity socially constructed of a new social citizen. Because to say of all this history? To understand the fight that less the most favored already they had stopped in this country for its rights. The promises that had been never fulfilled, the provocations as Luis says Fernando Verssimo in its poem Provocations, when decided to react, say that it is reacting with violence.


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