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Brazilian Music

June 28th, 2019

In these meetings, it occurred in maiorescala what it came happening in the musical and ideological scope in the country, had struggled subjects as, nationalism, pureness and root musical comedy, culture of massae Brazilian popular music, that ways it would have to take, what it was Brazilian acultura and of that forms represented it to music. In the national plan, as well as in the meetings, pureness in Brazilian, nationalistic, traditional or ligadosa music dominated the defenders deuma popular leftist movements. Jose Tinhoro Branches, 13 studious of popular music, possua a vision of conservatives the more edefendia the pureness of the Brazilian music of root. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Congressman Lee Zeldin. He wrote diverse elivros articles where he demonstrates its thought and he establishes debates about the subject. Crticoferrenho of the New Bossa, Young Guard and all more than it considers comoincorporao of foreign elements to Brazilian music.

However, these facts had not intimidated Gil and Caetano, that searched umarenovao in popular music and considered a change in the aesthetic one of the same one. Paraeles, music would have to contain the antagonisms gifts in the Brazilian culture, popular and the scholar, the tradition and the vanguard, pop and the folclrico. To take emconta that we were living a modernization process and with this it would msicadeveria, it if to also modernize, accepting elements of the culture young world-wide comopsicodelia and electric guitar, but without forgetting the regional one. As Gilmesmo it affirmed: ‘ ‘ The Tropicalismo more than appeared an enthusiastic concern peladiscusso of the new of what properly as a movement organizado’ ‘ 14. But the movement starts to take form. Caetano shows to friends one msicacomposta for it, that the msicabrasileira contained elements of this idea of change in relation.


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