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Foreign Languages And Unexpected Bonuses From Its Development

June 4th, 2018

Sept. 1 called me an old school friend, who masters the Italian language in my course "Universal Methods for improved foreign languages!". For more specific information, check out Ohio Senator. Language he is studying for themselves – for it is enough English – and has already made very significant progress in vocabulary, grammar and in communion with fellow Italians on the Internet. And he called me for a reason, phoned to report that his company unexpectedly entered a major contract with the Italian company. And he, the man who taught the language just for themselves, now the "light" and raising trip for two weeks in Italy – for work under the contract! That's how things happen in life, and I am sure you too can give examples of such miraculous coincidences. And now, after such wonderful news from one of the "students" my course, I thought about those unexpected bonuses, which allows each person to study and knowledge of foreign languages. We shall not now speak of the goal pursued by every student of a foreign language. This can be a career, socializing with friends or the desire to live and work in another country – I am sure that you, too has a similar purpose – and you're sure to reach her, especially if you're already using or intend to use the unique effective tips from my book "Universal Methods for improved foreign Languages! ".

But apart from that goal you can get a lot of nice bonuses, thanks to your persistence in learning a foreign language. 1. If you manage your electronic diary (blog) – you can duplicate their notes on foreign language and get more visitors and subscribers to your blog. 2. The latest news, usually appear first on foreign sites, and only after some time of their being translated into Russian.

Owning a foreign language, you can find out news on the topic that interests you (football, politics, or movie premieres) before they know about them all the rest. 3. You can watch the best movies in their original language – and you know how far from ideal times are translations of foreign movies in Russian. 4. During the tours you can buy high-quality travel guides directly to the country by visiting – usually their choice abroad more and they are cheaper than similar publications in Russian, which you can buy from us. 5. You can check your son's or daughter's homework assignment in a foreign language – and to explain the inexplicable rules of grammar, without recourse to expensive services of a tutor. 6. And if you're a personal diary in a notebook or laptop – lead him to a foreign language, and be sure that nobody accidentally did not read it! And that's just the bonuses, which I managed to remember. I am confident that you can call a few more of these pleasant moments that accompany learning a foreign language and help reach even more remarkable success. After all, for you to learn effectively foreign language, have achieved their goals and got great nice bonuses from their knowledge (can you also send to the overseas business trip?), and was created by me, tested in practice, the course "Universal Methods Improved foreign languages! ". And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – a convenient and interesting service (I would say even a little addictive) to help you learn the vocabulary for English. Come in, come off it will be difficult! Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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