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May 12th, 2018

Continuation of recordings recording of classes of missiology what to us seems fictional, turned over more than one century part of the identity. Which descended from Rome, was descending to Christianity. The Emperor defend Christendom, and vice versa. The Church should legitimize the Emperor, and also to the Roman order. That is why we are Catholic and Roman Christians. The creed is also born during those years. What happens when falls Rome? Fight for the eternity of Rome when means also fighting for the eternity of Christianity.

As you can see that it represents a tremendous crisis within Christianity. In addition also must be deducted, or have to guess, if being a Christian quotation, it was something easy. Doctrinal issues, the sacramental issues, liturgical issues, became a topic of enough confusion and contradictions. The great councils, the great struggles against it stood it, dating from that time. Christianity has made in political term, and What with all the religious question? We arrived at the fall of the Roman Empire, and disappears half of that enforced identity, which had been introduced by the ruling party. That is behind in very everyday issues, and one of the most important issues, was that it disappeared from all those areas occupied. The Roman presence itself disappeared. It disappeared the Roman army, and Roman institutions disappeared.

The barbarians as indicated in the word, do not have an own cultural tradition. The barbarians are the result of conquests that they themselves have been conducted, are nomadic peoples who assimilated the cultural traditions of the places those who conquer. When the various waves throughout the 5th century of barbarian invasions, different areas of the Roman Empire, occurred they are occupied by the barbarians, and it disappears the Roman what happens with Christians from all these areas? Falls the eternity of Rome, the Roman order disappears and appears war, hunger and the crisis of the hand of the barbarians.


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