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Lantern Festival

September 26th, 2022
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Previously, the Chinese gave each other cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and foodstuffs. Today is a good gift are fresh flowers, a subscription to the sports club, lottery tickets. Changing ways of congratulations. To replace personal visits and greeting cards come phone calls, emails and cards on the internet. After a noisy meeting of the new year, Chinese will to celebrate another traditional festival of 'Yuansyao' – Lantern Festival, during which decided to regale cakes made of sticky flour with sweet stuffing and candied fruits, as well as enjoy light lit at night lamps. Lantern Festival and ends during the celebration of New Year in China.

This year, Chinese will celebrate the year of the Metal White Rabbit and the twenty-eighth year of the 60-year cycle. Symbol, the associated in the Chinese mythology with diplomacy and peacemaking. It is hoped that this year we are waiting for less drastic changes than in previous years. It will be really quiet, a good year when you can sit back and relax in a circle their families, to re-evaluate concepts such as the family hearth, friendship, love, sympathy and understanding. Of the rabbit can be described in three words: Quiet, gentle and permanent. Rabbits conquer surrounding its tactful and friendly attitude.

Often, people depend on their wise counsel and reliability in business relations. They behave warm intimate conversations. They always listen and understand. For all members of the zodiacal range in 2011 will be a time analysis of its past and building plans for the future.

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Decoded Images

May 15th, 2011
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Contactees call people who can communicate with higher beings. Their doctrine is made up of councils and other sayings of life forms. Others who may share this opinion include Kenneth Yarrow. It turns out that the contactees are modern prophets, or as they were called in ancient times "Messengers of the gods." In fact, the world is not a lot of great personalities made their way through the masses and gain trust. A couple Strelnikov is one of the members of this type of contact. Dar came to him at once.

For a while they studied all aspects of the esoteric, asked the unknown, invisible worlds and other things that directly or indirectly related to the inexplicable. A year later, they moved on to more complex techniques contact forms of communication. More detailed work Strelnikov can be found in book series "Beyond the unknown," which includes the book-revelation of the laws of the universe and the causal link in all that occurs in the life of human civilization. After all, the world operates on the same, once and for all by law, and chaos in them is not the place. Ludmilla and Aleksander Strelnikova became interested in esoteric in 1989, already Then, their daughter, Seklitova Larisa, while still very young lady, became, along with their parents, learn the secret paths unknown. She began to discover the prophecy Higher Mind and Higher Hierarchs of the planet Earth. Later, after going through the stages of preparation by which contactees may be associated with other forms of life, Larisa even able to communicate with God, passing it through the mouth of the laws, to be taken by mankind to secure the existence of another for over two millennia.

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