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Between Palestinians

December 3rd, 2018

We must trust in the one who believes so much in what he says, which is ready to die. Excellent behavior, endearing love to others, to sacrifice, they had not seen that before. On the contrary, the selfishness prevailed in many of them. Besides the moral principles of the new religion, too, helped this dimension. For example: assessment of how man men. Read more from Suffolk County representative to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The man has a dignity. The weak, women, that is not in another religion. Right now for example the Islamists. You must have the world 1,000,000,000 Muslims. The principle of forgiveness is ignored. The principle of the equality of man with woman is unknown.

And there is derived from polygamy, the family has another structure. Amazon insists that this is the case. The problem is so tremendous that there is currently a powder keg any day explodes. Between Palestinians and Jews, there is a tremendous enmity. Finally, after they are cousins, because they are all Semitic. But it contributes to hondar problem. Even though the Pope speak. That has to be a dialogue, none or in others, they are willing to forgive, reconcile. Then you must also highlight the strength of the heroic example of martyrs. And the courage to advertise. Visit Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more clarity on the issue. This is what he said obviously Tertullian: blood of martyrs, seed of Christians where there is a sacrifice as of both Christians slaughtered by the emperors. There are a few new Christians who felt encouraged, motivated and defying the persecutions, so hard of the Roman Empire. There were also factors that favoured or eventually atrasaron the conversion process by his post, for example, it helped a lot the linguistic unification. This in the Roman Empire had an interesting union, because not only it was latin, but also Greek. The Greek culture of the Greek people spread to the educated strata of the population. This contributed greatly to the unification. And I compare it to what happened in the evangelization of Peruvians when the Spaniards arrived. The unification that achievement the Tahuantinsuyo, on the basis of quechua, enormously helped faster evangelization of the natives. Because they went from one town to another with quechua. What did not happen in the jungle. Your say a Jesuit who worked with Aguaruna in the North of the country, sent him to help the Dominicans between campas them. It is no good you aguaruna who learned. Legions walked to Christ because they were unifying the Empire politically, but that served to those who came later to the known r latin or knowing Greek, they cover a greater number of people. It’s like what happens in technical English. Or before it was French. You have to learn latin, Greek, and French, to be able to read the extensive literature that there is. About the classics Latin greco said. And the German the most subtle philosophy.


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