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FHC Benefits

May 1st, 2012

Who retired has thirty years oumais, given to the galopante process of general imbalance of the paid benefits official pelaprevidncia, suffered to a great consuming from its purchasing power in facede diverse factors, amongst which most serious providence for application without return in other sectors was the illegal shunting line of recursosda. Nogoverno Sarney had a pause in this consuming and a small improvement. But during the governments Collor and FernandoHenrique this situation of imbalance became if to aggravate. I remember that president FernandoHenrique Cardoso, in an uprising that made to this respect, beyond admitiresse shunting line of mounts of money saying that its government alone recognized fifth parteda total debt of the Union stops with the providence, affirmed that would not go cobriresse deficit of the previdencirio capital, nor of its government nor of the previous ones. in function of this tragedy in the accounts of the providence, the people who haviamcontribudo during many years on 5, 10, 12, 15 or 20 wages, as basede contribution where if they fit in time, and that they had pensioner maisou less in these platforms, they turn its benefits to fall down disastrously from a high place less for valoresequivalentes to of the half in face of the application of readjustment indices inferioresao that it would be necessary for recompor the accumulated losses. Masa to leave of the government of president Lula, says what to say its enemy eopositores, this imbalance diminished considerably and the readjustments partirde then, despite they very left to desire to recoup the losses sofridasanteriormente, had been kept in more or less compatible levels with ainflao and the purchasing power of the national currency. In way that, instead of continuaremdiminuindo, the benefits had gotten previous significant real increases in relation spolticas, and this, definitively, does not have as to deny, despite dapresena this great institucional enemy that if calls Previdencirio Factor, bred in the government of FHC with the objective to reduce the benefits and arrebentarcom the pensioners.

Therefore, if we find the current situation of the pensioners and pensioners bad in validity dogoverno Squid, much more worse would be if the government was in hands that were not asde a former-laborer, worker and syndical leader, who, having lived in prpriapele the critical situation of the Brazilian wage-earner, knows well what lutaantiga and permanent in different conditions is this against whom they want, qualquercusto, to undeserve and gradually to finish with the conquered benefits Brazilian Working peloex-Break (original), under the inspiration it commands and it deseu leader greater, Getlio Vargas, whose ideals the Squid, in the practical one, and soboutra acronym, let us want or not admitiz it, is currently last and maislegtimo representative, inheriting and defending. Seriainjusto not to remember the reiterated one I appeal saudoso Stolen Celso economist aossucessivos governments so that benefits of the pensioners dealt with recompor the capital of the providence eos, and that it only seems to have joined support in governode Squid. President Lula, happily, aindaconta with a great ally in the defense of the interests of the epensionistas pensioners, who Pablo Paim is the petista senator, and a honest and powerful parceirointernacional as for the public and social politics, that is opresidente Barack Obama, that arrived to recognize it as ' The Cara' , in suasintenes and accomplishments. (Luciano Axe)


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