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Monsignor Buissas

December 24th, 2013

From the tenth century, the flow of pilgrims to the abbey where they were the remains of the historic Bishop Marcial encouraging the creation of an elaborate hagiography (biography sacred). Would have come to France, accompanied by his disciple, St. Amador. He was imprisoned and tortured, but survived. For more than thirty years pursued his post as bishop.
Marcial was moved later in time would not have been sent to Gaul by Pope Fabian but by the St. Peter (the first pope of Christianity), and had not only evangelized the only village of Limoges, but all the Aquitania. I do a lot of miracles, among which the most important was the resuscitation of a dead, touching it with a wand that gave St. Peter. Mythology reached its culminating point in the life of St. Martial (XI century) of Ademar of Chabannes. They attribute this to a Aureliano bishop, successor of St. Martial of course, who had witnessed the presence of the saint at the Last Supper and the crucifixion of Christ, and was one of the original Apostles. Ademar did Hebrew birth, and close relative of St. Stephen.
In The Golden Legend (compendium of folkloric beliefs of the thirteenth century), it is said that St. Martial performed many miracles, such as the destruction of armies antirromanos, the resurrection of the dead and mass conversions of entire countries.
In 1854, Monsignor Buissas (bishop of Limoges) I request the Pope Pius IX to give the San Marcial honors disciple of Jesus Christ, but the pope refused. In the twenties of the twentieth century, it was discovered the falsehood of the system invented by Ademar documents (including a former papal letter and an imaginary council in France). However, even today, the legend of St. Martial continuous live in more conservative Catholic circles.


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