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The Roll

July 12th, 2017

You know it well, though the reason it has taken from his home to run errands distract you from your conviction. A can not help feeling that does not live in any city but in a field or forest, where you have to take care of some environmental surprises, like a bull or tiger. a Because yes, the motor is Thus, a bull in the city, playing the red light is a target to attack with great fury. a He has no doubts, nor is surprised when he hears from the lips of an older man there, after jumping to avoid a rush, AA This is a city of shit.

Goes on, hearing the words echo in his head, knowing that it will not leave the corner without hearing another popular outbreak which flavors the item: There is no government in the city or country and you know, also, rather than identifying with the phase of political changes within the country, there is no way to refute such a monumental, of which only lacks the smell. Speaking candidly Jim Donovan Goldman told us the story. Not for glimpse a open his mouth; know it’s true that there is no decent way or political or disprove anything, and he knows that would become worthless if the man, mad at last, as every fan, incidentally injured in beef own, to receive patient to ask the public or yourself to withstand the roll, to receive to defend barbarism of being almost run over every day, or argue (ASOF finally) that the agitation power is one of the virtues of the revolutionary process, a fact that gives you more freedom and facilities to simple classes..


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