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Military Policy

February 28th, 2018

Nenhumdano for mordedura of the dogs will be greater that an erroneous shot, therefore, for the damages and places where the dogs had been trained to bite, would not take none pessoaao death. Thus, not if exactly toleraacidentes for mordedura in the doctrine desenvolvida.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.19) Military Policy of the job of the dog in practically still Has the discredit for gestoresda, all the modalities depoliciamento in accordance with the General Theory of the Ostensive Policing, of common form, prompt, suplemental; ficandorestrito the operations of the BOPE, extraordinary and reactive way. ' ' One of the biggest problems encontradospor who commands the squad deces is to be, for times, directly subordinate to some commander who does not have afinidadealguma with dogs, or that not of the autonomy for, at least, deciding to ouopinar on a job of the squad or atmesmo a ration change, exactly that this is supported in one avaliaomdico-veterinria.' ' (FRANKIE.2005, p.20) Destarte, the cash of the canine and human CPCes estoaqum numerically, for the mission of the related Company same with You officiate ePraas potiguares attended a course in States that are reference in Brazil emcinotecnia, also international as the CIPM Dogs of the PMERJ. FINAL CONSIDERAES Intend academic work to provide, of very synthetic form and objective oconhecimento of the Brazilian doctrine of use of dogs as tool of resoluode critical occurrences. It did not have the pretension to deplete subject, but descortin-lopara the operator of public security mainly, the advantages of the Dog deAssalto Tactician and that if the capacity of learning of copara does not have to subestimar so complex activities. To satisfy this objective, the doctrine of the SENASP, the Dog of Tactical Assault standard, of the difficulty was opted to a brevedescrio of the use of the dog in occurrence of crisis with hostage located of acordocom to empormenorizar the definition of kidnapping occurrence that is made use of formageral without the had derivations that originate the refmlocalizado occurrence of crisis with and that they register of generic form as continuation of the consigned primeiraocorrncia and the use of the Dog of Intervention in the PMRN of generic form.


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